Friday, August 2, 2013

Before we give China a hard time we need ot look in our own backyard.

The latest scare re possible contamination of yet more of Fonterra's products rams home the necessity to maintain vigilance when it comes to our production methods. Many criticisms have been aimed at China; for good reason given the many reports of pollution and shady  processes, not the least being the corruption that widely exists. If we make these claims then we need to sure that we are squeaky clean. New Zealand's reputation as being 'clean and green,' comes under fire each time we have even a small 'blimp' re the safety of our exports. To give Fonterra credit, they did act quickly re the latest slip-up and they seem to have identified the cause of the 'scare' and notified anyone affected.
This all brings into question, Government cuts in areas that contribute to research and safety, be it at our borders or in the whole chain that works alongside making New Zealand one of the safest places to source 'food' from. We must never take shortcuts and our 'standards' need to be transparent and open to question. Hopefully Fonterra has learnt yet more from this event! China is a reality for us---they are our biggest source of trade and we must find ways to mesh in with their huge economy in ways that reflect respect and mirroring good practise.  

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