Friday, August 2, 2013

The USA calls for it's embassies to be closed in the Middle-East, because of a 'credible' threat.

I am not disputing for a moment that there may well be a threat, emanating from the activities of Al-Qaeda, but I fully expect our 'Dear Leader, John Key to take full advantage of this scenario to push through the 'Spy Bill,' just when there was a chance that Peter Dunne would change his mind. This important piece of legislation is one that should have the support of majority of the House, not a simple majority, but a significant one. We have seen legislation, introduced from both major parties, shoved through parliament and that is disrespectful to the people of New Zealand. Such laws as proposed under this latest bill are too important to rush. I understand that there are organizations 'out there' who would do us harm and the fact that we so often side with the political ambitions of the USA, place us in a space that is very worrying. I much preferred the stance taken by Helen Clark's Government, whereby we sometimes incurred the wrath of the USA, but we had a voice of our own.
Mr Key, take a moment to reflect on where you are taking us with this bill. Are we going to find out in the future that you came under pressure from your counterparts in Washington to 'conform' to USA policy.?
Mind you, we may well have 'new political masters,'  a fact driven solely by the new world of international trade. I am sure you all can figure out the candidates for that position. Being a small nation at the bottom of the South Pacific is not always comfortable.  

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