Saturday, August 3, 2013

The 'unfortunate' Fonterra afair just proves that we need to take our 'processing' much more seriously.

If we needed any more evidence that Government cuts, or big company scrutiny of quality and safety control need more effort, then  the events of the last few days have given us just that. China is increasingly demanding that which it so often does not demand from its own industries, particularly those related to food production. The fact that the Chinese people often do not trust their own sources, tells us a great deal. The fact that mothers will buy imported baby formulae at very high prices is evidence of that. So when Fonterra 'stuffs up' yet again, then why should we be surprised at the 'double standards?' It all comes down to the old adage, the 'he who pays the piper, calls the tune.' Forget about what is fair or on a level playing field and face facts. Unless we get our standards beyond reproach, we will suffer the consequences; in this latest case, a major threat to our exports to the huge market that China represents for us now. I know our Government is reacting to the latest scare and that there will be government to government communication but the fact remains that the Chinese Government will easily make NZ some kind of scapegoat in order to draw attention from internal 'issues' around the safety of food and other products. NZ must be able to prove that what we send to China and other nations, is squeaky clean. Our government must lean on all producers to spend the money needed to tidy up our image and our produce. I am sure Fonterra will do everything in its power to right this situation, but they and other companies must never cease to push for the very highest standards---those that differentiate us from many of our competitors. If they don't, we are all the losers!

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