Friday, August 2, 2013

Sample of Roskill. Coming to a Kindle near you, soon!

Roskill has almost reached upload to Kindle stage. We are awaiting a few more little production issues and then we will be all go. If you have a tablet with an AP that can download Kindle, then you too will be able to buy my book cheaply. Mary Egan and her team have done a great job along with some skilled editing by Stephen Stratford. The Picture is in low resolution and will look better and 'tighter' once downloaded and will not have 'stock photo' on it. I shall let you know the link once all is ready. Thanks to the support I have received from all the ex-Tangaroa College students (going way back!) and my friends from James Cook High. There's even some from Western Springs College.
Look out for the next book, 'Talk To Me.' That is in editing now.

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