Thursday, August 1, 2013

Should we believe John Key?

John Key has made some pretty strong statements about terrorists being domicile in New Zealand either before or after they have received ‘training’ in the Yemen. Has he been taken in by the Salmon Farming in the Yemen film a bit too much? Is he living in a fantasy world or is he in fact being realistic? Does he know something that he thinks we should ‘not’ know?
I guess this scenario brings up the issue if ‘how much’ should the populace of New Zealand know about these issues? It would not be fair for us to assume that this sort of issue has been something that has always been part of leading a government, and JK is no different from past PMs.
Perhaps it is the timing of JK’s announcement that causes most concern. At the very least, he is using this issue to help push through the ‘spy bill.’ I see it as a cynical action and one that will come back to haunt him, apart from drawing attention to NZ in a manner that many of us are uncomfortable with. Be careful please JK!

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