Monday, May 13, 2013

The Sushi shop in Opotiki--- Come on Immigration New Zealand---these people are needed in NZ!

There is a great deal of support for the Korean couple who run a Sushi shop to be allowed to stay in NZ. Opotiki has plenty of other food outlets, most of which can be hardly classified as healthy food options. The locals have taken this couple to their hearts and seem prepared to go out on a limb in order to change the minds of Immigration New Zealand. Both main news channels showed a rare unity of Pakeha and Maori opinion, solidly behind the couples attempt to stay on in Opotiki. Why not view that support as a form of 'community sponsorship?' The couple represent exactly the virtues we seek in new New Zealanders; hardworking, ready and willing to be part of our society. Share this blog, people and get it to Immigration New Zealand and the Minister in charge of that department. Let's hope that for once, our politicians take a lead and listen to the people who matter---those who live in Opotiki. I hope the result is one that makes the couple feel welcome in the land of their choice.

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