Sunday, May 12, 2013

This time I don't support giving any money to the America's Cup fiasco.

In the past I have supported any Government giving money to the America's Cup campaign, even though quite a few of my friends and associates thought that the money would be better spent on other important sectors. My belief was that the goodwill and real money generated went beyond the pockets of the 'rich boys' alone. It created jobs in boat building and tourism along with quite a bit going to the hospitality industry when we hosted it.
I have changed my mind with the advent of the stupidly dangerous catamarans. I believe that the money is wasted this time, even if the event actually happens. There is some doubt about that now after we witnessed the tragedy in the USA. These catamarans are nothing short of dangerous 'big boy toys' and the fact that the challenge series may well only have two boats says a lot about what has happened to this once wonderful competition. The death bells are sounding in more ways than one. We must see a return to the classic races and the participation of many more countries, when the drama filled us with pride as we watched our team battle those who would write us off as a tiny nation at the bottom of the Pacific. Lets end this now, before more lives are lost and return to sanity and a position that I know more of us can support. 

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