Monday, May 13, 2013

Is Aaron Gilmore going to have one last balst at his 'colleagues?

‘Utu,’ he said. Aaron Gilmore may well have a last blast at his colleagues today in Parliament as he tries to put his perspective on the vents that have finally led to his downfall. I think that most of us would like to forget him and move on and maybe hope that our politicians will address real issues, like selling of Sate assets and getting NZ onto a fairer footing for all. Maybe they will look at training NZers for the jobs in Christchurch or addressing the Charter Schools issue. By that I mean, just forget about CSs.
However if things go like we expect in parliament today, we may be on for a bit of petulance on a grand scale. I may of course have to pull back because it could all just be another fizzer.
Hey Aaron, why not use your vote and stay in a bit longer and get some real Utu-----vote against the Government and stuff up their asset sales programme and the CS initiative!  Damn, that’s way too much to hope because deep down, you are just another Tory party hack without a party now.

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