Monday, May 13, 2013

Thats a good idea! Converting State houses into larger houses.

Good on you Government. I know that many will still say that the proposal to convert some State Houses  to reflect large family needs is too little, but it is a start and an acknowledgment that things need to chnage. Sure, there is need for more, but if making better use of exisiting stock and adding capacity is followed through then that is something to build on. If Labour and the Greens wnat to extend that in next years election, good on them too. I am often very critical of Government moves, but this one receives my support. Now, just lets see more of them, even if they can be a cynical repsonse to a real need at times. It is the result that counts and I don't particularly care who brings that about. It is about people, people, people. Mmm---I am sure I have heard that before.

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