Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My day in Thames--lovely, except for their dislike of 'dogs.'

I loved my day with Perdy in Thames and the coast just past the town. We had gone there to pick up an item from 'Bliss' that I had won on Trade Me. The beach we first stopped at had sign that dogs needed to be a leash---fair enough, but Perdy needed out, not just for toileting, but for a manic run. We travelled another kilometre and the beach had no sign at all so we figured Perdy could have a run. That she did as only she knows how. Thankfully she stayed away from the end where there were hundreds of birds resting on the sand. I kept Perdy's attention focussed on the ball. That is not hard. Once she had shaken the dust off, we headed back to town, but stopping for a few minutes at a local real estate agent to inquire about renting a holiday home at Xmas; one that would allow a Jack Russell to take up residence. I felt a beginnings of a plan for Xmas 2113 coming on strongly.
By the time we had parked the car and started walking along the main street of Thames, it had started to rain. We were stopped in our tracks by a sign on the edge of the shopping area that clearly stated that dogs were prohibited. Being law-abiding citizens from the big smoke (where such signs are indeed rare) we put Perdy back in the car and parked outside a little unassuming seafood takeaway (Central seafood's) shop. I was able to have a salad of raw fish and other seafood for the tiny price of $4.80. See what I mean about my food bill being less, even for eating out.  I love it, but I didn't love the unfriendly dog-hating attitude of this beautiful, historic town. What's up Thames? Do you have a little clique on your local community board that just doesn't like dogs or has there been a problem with misfit dogs (read their owners) who have either allowed their canine family to crap on the footpath or attack the citizens of your town? Maybe the 'board' needs a shake-up. Maybe I should come on down there and live there, stand fort election on the assumption that things need to change. Don't you realize how many 'visitors like to bring their doggie-buddies with them and that your cafes would flourish with the addition of water bowls on the pathways. Take a trip to Auckland and check out just how many areas have heaps of dogs sitting peacefully at the cafes. You can always ban unruly barkers or pissers etc.. Hell, you could create employment for a few rangers! All you have to do is fine bad owners for allowing bad habits and the fines would make a profit for the town and employ one or two people. (Mmm, sounds suspiciously like 'revenue collecting!'--what the hell) Come on Thames, join the real world! I just love your town and the area to the North! You are indeed a hidden jewel for NZ. Is it that you want to keep it that way and just stay in some sort of time-warp? NO--- I think that the people of Thames need to have a say in your doggie-ban. OH---you are not alone though. I think Raglan has a problem with doggies too.

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