Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who needs a watch dog when you have this?!

No, I am not giving my dear Perdy away and yes she is a great little watch dog. She has a different bark for different people. She barks one way for friends and neighbours and another very distinct bark for 'strangers' especially salespeople. Perdy has 'educated' the neighbours as to which category any visitor belongs. They even know when she is barking at cats. Perdy runs outside whenever anyone or any animal comes anywhere near our house. She even knows the different cars so often it is a bark, followed by a bored yawn and a return to her couch, upon which she places herself to sleep and wake at her pleasure. Sometimes I really need an active watchdog to frighten the crap out of some visitors. That is when the 'beastie' in the pool comes into play. That crocodile has elicited many a response as it surveys the 'prey' from the pool. Anyone daring to enter without permission risks losing a hand, head or they may even disappear, never
to be seen again! What a great Aussie import!

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