Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five year old given a rifle as a gift---goes on to kill his 2 year old sister---did I hear correctly?

I guess that in a country of nearly 400 million people there will be a proportionate number of total 'fu--wits.' Yes, New Zealand has it's own home grown ones, but so far we haven't read about a five year old being given a gun as a present and then go on to accidentally kill a younger sibling. (yes, we have had older siblings kill younger ones though. The difference between the two nations (and Australia) is in the attitude that allows such tragic actions. When is this 'love affair' with guns going to stop, America? What society can sanction such stupidity? Is it so ingrained as an inalienable right that then allows such tragic accidents to occur? I know that many American share my view, but the Senate did not have the guts to act when they were presented with a very mild piece of legislation, aimed at taking some of the 'edge' off the danger surrounding guns in the USA. I know, most Americans who own guns, do so in a responsible manner and most Americans are not part of whacko 'survivalist groups.' I leave those twats out of my discussion, mainly because they probably can't read!
My heart goes out to the family that has just gone through this terrible incident. They must be feeling incredibly guilty. They know of course that they are part of that tiny minority that lives with guns in such an irresponsible manner. It all goes back to numbers, plus the history of the USA; a country that has not managed to move beyond the 'frontier days.' Perhaps the USA needs a new 'frontier'---like in Star Wars, because the one they refuse to leave behind, still has its terrible grip on society.

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