Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aaron Gilmour's antics will no doubt be used to denigtrae MMP!

I can already hear the clarion calls for the demise of MMP in New Zealand's Parliament, all based around the childish and bellicose actions of Aaron Gilmour, List MP for National. That he behaved in a totally unacceptable manner is beyond doubt. We can all say we expect better from our MPs. Whether they are List or Electorate based is not the issue. It does not take much of a trip down 'Memory Lane' to find other historic shenanigans from other MPs, even Government Ministers, so let us not become victims of the thinking that use Gilmour's actions to misrepresent the issues around MMP. Of course we will always have examples of the behaviours exhibited by Gilmour, potentially from any individual in Parliament. Let's take a step back and treat each indiscretion on its merits. Lets ignore the calls of those with an agenda to oust the present system because their arguments about the behaviour of MPs has nothing to do with whether the transgressor is a List MP or Electorate MP. Having said that, there is an obvious  message for all parties to engage in a lot more background checking before they make up their final lists that we then blindly vote on. I am sure the latest Gilmour incident will shove home that message loud and clear for all parties. Of course when booze or any other substance is involved, all bets are off. Just think back to the night when a clearly inebriated Prime Ministers (Muldoon) announced an early election and his own exit from Parliament, back in the 1980's. It made wonderful viewing on TV. Take heed oh 'high and mighty, MP's.

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