Thursday, May 2, 2013

I gotta eat protein but I can't face a steak yet!

Yes, small amounts of steak are in my future, but so far I have only felt like mince based dishes. I have only had one day in which I was a little ambitious and the price was feeling like crap for an hour---no throwing up mind you! Oh, have you forgotten or were you wondering why the feck I am talking about restricting my gastronomic intake? I am one month post-Bariatric surgery. I have lost about 23 kilos and I still need to lose at least 15 more. That will take time and exercise plus staying with my new regime of small baseball-sized meals, much of what should be protein. Gone are the days of big plates of veggies, because I can not eat enough quantity to reach the protein levels needed. But--tofu is a choice that thank goodness really suits me. Here's a recipe that is cheap (everything is now!) and extremely tasty and nutritious.
Take one block of 'soft tofu' and very carefully cut it into bite sized pieces. It can crumble easily, so unless you want uneven bits in your final result, be careful and use a sharp knife. If you do stuff it up, it won't affect the flavour though. Place the pieces in a bowl with the marinade. I used sesame oil, lime juice and leaves from my Kaffir Lime tree, fish sauce, balsamic vinegar and a little sugar. Let it all sit for about an hour.
Heat up oil and gently sprinkle corn flour over each piece of tofu. It's a messy process but it helps the add crunch. Now, fry the tofu until golden brown. Use the remainder of the marinade as a dipping sauce. I had my tofu with a tiny amount of rice mixed with a few frozen peas  and corn. Pour more marinade over the finished product. Unlike marinade used for chicken and meats, this one can be used raw. The end result?-----Fantastically tasty and healthy. HEY Perdy, STOP LICKING THE BOWL!

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