Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Australia still bowling underarm re benefits for NZers!

Thousands of NZers contribute to the Australian economy, by working hard and paying taxes, yet these very same people do not receive benefits that most Australians are entitled to, including other nationals settling in Australia. This situation continues despite approaches (pretty weak ones in my view) from Prime Minister Key. Is the lack of response because NZ successfully took Australia to task over the question of apple imports from NZ? One does wonder.
New Zealand and Australia have very close ties, economically, culturally and on the battlefields of the world. What is it about New Zealand that leads to this unequal treatment? We offer Australian citizens a far better deal when they come to live here. Hell, if we shut up shop and all arrived on the shores of Australia the worst thing that would be the embarrassment that would ensue re the general uplifting of the average IQ of Australians. Fare go mates?--- I don't think so.
Then again, maybe NZers in Aussie should come back home and let the Australians receive new settlers from those very countries that they are trying to stop coming by boats now. Who would you prefer my Australian friends?

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