Monday, April 29, 2013

Post bariatirc surgery--I still love my food---here's proof!

Even though I eat very small meals, I still take a great deal of pleasure cooking and making up recipes. I love to try them on friends and family and I also always have a small portion too. Here's a recipe for a healthy chicken sausage that is steamed, wrapped in glad wrap. (that cling fill---goes by different names in other countries)

Go buy some chicken mince or chop up a boneless, skinless chicken breast until it is 'mince-like.'  I used about 250gms.
Stir-fry some onion (1) that is finely chopped with, either a few handfuls of spinach (or silver beet--Swiss chard). Throw in some garlic and ginger and any chilli sauce--I made my own. Add salt, curry powder (1 teaspoon) and any herbs you have. Just don't go too crazy with amounts but this dish should be fail safe for everyone but total TWITS)
Mix the cooked ingredients with the chicken and add an egg to bind. Then take the cling fill and place the mixed stuff into the middle and twiddle it around to make a sausage shape. I made 3 quite large sausages. Tie the ends off to prevent spillage and place in a pot or pan with boiling water. Cook gently until it is cooked through. I cooked mine for 30 minutes and that is probably too much, but I don't want you suing me for casing food poisoning!
Serve it hot or cold with your favourite sauce. Make you own up---Hell, I can't do everything for you.
The plastic wrap came off but it didn't matter. Some people may want to fry again to get that 'crispy feel.'

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