Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kakamatua Inlet---'To the dogs or not to the dogs.'

I do not know the percentage of dog ownership for dogs in the Auckland region, but I suspect that it is very high. I also know that there are not many places where one can take their special friend to run and play with other dogs. I live in Hillsborough I take my Jack Russell to the Onehunga Bay every day and sometimes twice a day. She loves it and I have met some lively people and their dogs; to the point that I consider some of them dear friends now.

We all have in common the desire to explore other dog friendly beaches and the question of the Kakamatua Inlet came up as a place to take our dogs for a swim, run and picnic (yes for humans and dogs). My research has left me a bit confused. The Kakamatua Inlet is ‘touted’ by dog lovers as an ‘unofficial off-leash area.’ But some people have written at great length to say that it is most definitely ‘on leash’ during daylight savings hours. Who the heck would take their dogs to such a wonderful beach; show them the area and then tug them along on a leash?

Some writers were incredibly mean about dogs and their owners, quoting spurious concerns about the safety of their children. Others quite rightly pointed out that there are numerous other beaches for these ‘moaners’ opt take their dogs, all with a kilometre or two of the inlet.

Further investigation informed that the new laws will be implemented sometime in mid-2013 and that until then the old laws for the ARA apply and those allow ‘off the leash walking, running and cavorting. Am I right? If this is so, then ‘we the dog owners’ need to make our feelings felt big time with the new council. Surely we make up a significant portion of the populace and that our collective voices should be heard and indeed, make more beaches dog friendly. Come on my friends; (because that is what some of you have become) speak out. Reply to my blog and get things going or inform me about groups that already exist for this purpose. Put other political differences aside and unite. I feel more at ease with ‘humans best friend’ than I do with most politicians; both local and Parliamentary.

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