Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crown Lynn on a diet?

A friend found this set of Crown Lynn under his house.

Crown Lynn Pandora---maybeit is fomr the late 70'sor ealry 80's
Unfortunately there are some chips on about six of them. Maybe I shall put them on Trade Me or maybe I shall give them away to a deserving friend. hen again, perhaps I can find some more to make the set complete and undamgaed. I have had a love affair with Crown Lynn for about ten years and I just can't help myslef. I am still buying examples of this iconic NZ product. MMMM--- that's sounds like my other obsession----food. There's no operation for loving CL. I don't think there's a diet either. Imagine what that would look like. Buy three, sell two---you get it--- the old yo yo thing. It just keeps getting bigger, just like me.

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