Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rainbow Warrior rises again to carry on the fight.

There is no getting away from the fact that the French Governmnet was behind the sinking of the original Rainbow Warrior back in the 80's. They took this action because the Rainbow Warrior played an active role in the opposition to French Nuclear testing in the Pacific, polluting a large area and destroying the lives of countless Pacific Islanders. New Zealand also played a leading role in the fight to stop this senseless 'testing.' Our Prime Minsiter at the time, David Lange carried the fight to higher levels and will always be remembered for his cutting comment---'I can smell the radioactivity on your breath!' Maybe not an exact quote but many New Zealanders remember with anger the actions of a wannabe colonial power that still controls areas in the Pacific.
Now the new rainbow Warrior has been blessed at the very site where Rainbow Warrior One was laid to rest. Go strong mighty Rainbow Warrior Two. Many New Zealanders will follow your voyages of courage against those who would attack nature and destroy our envinment. I am sure many French citizens will also take a positive interest in your story.

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