Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Venezuela---give them a break!

Why would we be surprised at the opposition to President Chavez comes mainly from the rich and those companies that were nationalized under his presidency. It needs to be acknowledges that he and his party have been responsible for changing much of the inequality that existed under previous regimes.

Sure he stuck the finger up to the USA and other nations who may have lost out in the ‘changes,’ and his independent stance no doubt got right up the craw of those nations. That he became a spokesperson for many of the non-aligned nations would also tend to place him on the list of ‘unfriendly’ nations.

Now that the presidents health is poor and he may be facing his ‘last days,’ Venezuelan is at risk of been thrust back into the bad old days of corruption and elitist groups. One could hope that the impetus he has provided survives the challenges of a new person at the helm. Perhaps the changes Chavez has made have become ‘entrenched’ as the majority of the people see that returning to the old ways will directly change their lives for the worse.

I am not saying that the President has always protected the rights of everyone in Venezuela, but perhaps that is the cost for the greater good of the majority. Lay off Venezuela and their ailing president.

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