Wednesday, December 26, 2012

President Morsi is fooling himself.

One would hope that Egypt can find peace and enter a period of improved economic activity. Egypt must forge its own future and work out what is best for the nation. President Morsi however is fooling himself and making false claims about the so-called approval of his constitution.

How can he claim victory when fewer than 33% voted in the two rounds, just completed? He claims 64% support from the voters and in a sense that is correct. But take the full picture into account and the approval rating for his constitution would be far less.

I can only guess at the reason for the low turn-out and while I am not about to label the vote as corrupt, I can speculate that many did not vote as a way of showing their disapproval and also that most voters are not used to a ‘democratic’ model and therefore did not ‘trust’ the process. It is not so long ago that voting under a virtual one-party state, headed by Mubarak and his clique, does not lend itself to engendering a fair and transparent result.

The opposition, consisting of non-Muslim Brotherhood parties and groups were not well organized. Such organization only comes with practice. The Brotherhood was well on the way to achieving such a political machine as it provided opposition to Mubarak.

Where to from here? The ‘West’ must keep its interfering hands off Egypt. Only Egypt can work through this difficult period. If the populace wants an Islamic state, we have to accept that, but it is the process that causes so much concern and the future of the region as a whole is directly linked to the events in Egypt. We can but hope that Egyptians take up the challenge and work through the ramifications of electing a government that may well curtail their freedom in the future.

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