Wednesday, December 26, 2012 yours.

Yes, get your fully licensed to drive dog from the SPCA in Auckland and I believe elsewhere in New Zealand now. They are coming on stream almost as fast as they can be placed. They are quite remarkable and creating a stir around the world. It took pure 100% pure New Zealand to bring these dogs to the market and you know what---they are not expensive. The SPCA is just glad to find these dogs a loving and caring home.

If you lack that something special in your life, then go to the website and see for yourself. It’s not every day that such a breakthrough is made and that the canine world is capable of being a special friend to mankind and then some is truly amazing.

Mmmm--- I hear there is something afoot with cats now; something about piloting an aeroplane. Watch this space for future developments.   Check out ‘Talk To Me,’ my latest book.

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