Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kim Dotcom--what a stuff-up!

It seems that the Police and the Government got it all terribly worng. Kim Dotcom has made them look like titwits and really embarased them. The dabte about whether he is guilty of the alleged wrong doings has been lost in the commedy of errors and he may well get away with 'stuff' that he should not have.
He is probably rolly polling aorund in his mansion, laughing at the predicment the Government finds themselves in. I very much doubt that Mr KDC will be on the new years honours list. The USA too will be pretty pissed that it hasn' managed to bring KDC back to face the charges and the artists and other 'creators' will be possibly moving on in the knowledge that they too have failed to receive justice.
Oh well, 'What goes around, comes around!' Has KDC really had the last laugh?

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