Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Xmas 'World.'

Merry Xmas to the whole world from New Zealand, the first to see the sun on Xmas day. Well, that is how it should be on this joyous summer morning. In Auckland that ain’t so as it is raining. If I was further south it would be a beautiful day. To make matters worse, I am heading north to Omana, where they are receiving the tail of a tropical cyclone.

This does not matter, as it’s the spirit of the day that counts. My day began by taking Perdy for a run down at the bay. I had given her a Xmas toy to play with while I had a quick breakfast and I am surprized that she has not totally destroyed it. She insists on attacking the squeaky insides of the toy. I reckon she will have it in pieces by the time I return from Xmas lunch later this afternoon. Unfortunately I can’t take her to my brother’s beach home, because their cat is fierce towards any other animal that dares to approach.

Tonight I will host a few friends for a simple late dinner. I say that because we would all have stuffed ourselves with traditional fare at lunchtime. That means turkey, ham and all the trimmings and then a huge trifle with the accompanying bits; so you know how we will feel after lunch. To make it slightly uncomfortable will be the fact that, yes it’s raining, but it is also horribly humid. Imagine about 25C and 95% humidity. Not nice. Still, there will be several heat pumps going to cool us down. That sounds kind of funny eh---heat pump! I guess you know how they work.

What will I do with Perdy? Don’t worry, I shall make a huge fuss of her and take her for another run later. Dinner is already on, in the slow cooker; a simple Indonesian chicken dish with rice and greens. I shall nod in the direction of tradition by serving ice cream and my version of a Xmas cake trifle—simple and easy to make. I am sure I have blogged it in the past. Go and seek it out.

I wish you all a peaceful Xmas; at a time when many people have to face terrible conditions, ranging from war to famine. I shall give you more than a passing thought today. I don’t care what faith or ethnicity you are---just feel my good wishes, even those of you I have slated this year.



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