Sunday, December 9, 2012

A never ending story---well I hope not!

This writing business can be so frustrating. Of course another way of looking at it is to just put it all down to experience. I have made a major decision about ‘Roskill.’ After consulting with a well-known editor, I have decided to place the book in the market it is best suited for; namely the YA (Young Adult) market.
That will mean pruning it down to a more YA friendly size. Very few young people want to trail through a long book, so the suggested word count is going to be between 50-70,000 words. That represents a good deal of editing and yet another ISBN number. OK---I’m up to it because I do not want to give up after coming so far.
I guess my upcoming holiday will be one whereby I cut and take as my guide, ‘less is more.’
I shall be back and of course, the existing copies of the longer versions are still available from my website or through me.

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