Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is the best of New Zealand for sale to the highest bidder?

Are we going to wake up one day to realise that there is little in the way of affordable coastal land available to most New Zealanders? A scenario that stretches your imagination? Well think on. Take for example the huge 'residential' dvelopment on the behalf of one of Russia's men in Northland. Surleey that and other like it are forcing up the price. Yes, I know that in some cases the price of land on the coast had gone down but the long term trend is ever upwards. Why do we not see that NZers are being priced out of thier olwn heritage. Perhaps we are going to be in a position that the Tagata whenua (The first people of New Zealand) have long been in. A hard call----really? Don't blink---it will all be gone! The only difference between now and 'then'----we took it without paying for it fairly in the past.

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