Sunday, December 9, 2012

Climate change--Will Mother Nature bite back?

Scientists and politicians disagree when it comes to their views on climate change. Some have their heads so deeply in the sand that when they do finally come up to breath it will be way too late. Can they not see the signs that prevail around the world?
Rising sea levels have been apparent for many years and it will be on the life time of even middle-aged readers that some islands will disappear. Think also of the low lying sites around the world, where high tides combined with weather events’ cause massive damage.
Put the signs together and the lack of action on the part of the world’s worst polluters (USA, China and India) and we are heading for a scenario where scenes of destruction and food shortages will be every night occurrences on our TV screens.
Politicians with their tame scientists refuse to see beyond their electoral terms or on the case of China, beyond the ‘hold on power,’ because that is their particular form of government. No wonder New Zealand has foolishly turned its back on supporting the moves we had been party to in the past. I guess our short sighted politicians have cynically shrugged off any commitment to future generations. For that stance, I despise them!

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