Saturday, September 15, 2012

Perdy again--this time my clever friend Finn helped me type!

I have a good friend called Finn. He’s a very clever dog and his parents helped him to learn how to type. They made this special extension he uses and then he can type more easily.
OK--- Great news. I am staring in a new book by Neil. It is called ‘Talk To Me.’  I’m on the front cover along with Jasmine. Neil took the picture one day when I was trying to pretend that I hadn’t seen Jasmine sitting on the BBQ outside. It’s a pretty cool picture.
In the book, my name has been changed to ‘Spot.’ for ‘privacy reason.’ I’m a very much PC dog, not like Neil. You should hear what he says sometimes. It’s enough to make my paws curl up in embarrassment.
In the book, Gary is a Talk Back radio host and I am his special Jack Russell pet. Some of the ways he describes me (yes I know, because he made me sit and listen to him while he read it to me) are a bit too close to the mark. I reckon that I’m gonna get free doggie biscuits once the book comes out this week. (Mid-September)
OH--- you wanna know how to buy it? Well just go to his website or if you know him--- just ask and he’ll arrange a price. Buy it so I can continue to eat ---and that goes for Jasmine too. The website is
Don’t forget his other books---- ‘Roskill’—wow that made me cry and laugh at the same time.  Also----‘Coastal Yarns.’ He wrote that when I was a puppy. It’s has funny and even spooky short stories. My favourites are the ones about me----- yes I’m in that too. The stories about The ‘Girls’ Weekend are a bit naughty.
Woof woof--- isn’t that what I am supposed to say?

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