Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am sickened by the messages of hate we are seeing on Sydney's streets!

We must never underestimate the messages of violence that some members of various religions thrust upon us. Islam is not alone in this. It seems that any criticism of the said groups is met with hate, violence and totally over-the-top reactions.
To see placards carried by angry people stating that ‘behead all those who insult Islam' is a message of hate, and under the laws of many nations, that is a ‘hate crime’ in itself and should be treated as such.
It is becoming pretty obvious that the ‘perpetrator’ of the film that has caused so much anger and hurt, is nothing but a charlatan and a fraudster. I wish that those streaming onto the streets, ready to commit violence against the police would open their minds and take into account the ‘facts’ surrounding this unfortunate episode. It seems that they do not want to know. They use this event to promulgate their own agenda—one that will not sit with most Australians.
Sure, be faithful but where is the love that most religions purport to claim as their own. Australia will only take so much before an anti-movement, equally ignorant will take to the streets in response. Unfortunately, hate will be met with hate. Hate does not belong in Australia and nor does intolerance. Those who arrive on the shores of this proud and lucky nation should embrace the spirit of the country and take advantage of the opportunities to live a safe and rich life.
The response of the police must be swift and those responsible for feeding the hate dealt with. The one thing we can assume is that unlike in the nations many of these protesters (yes I know, some are born in Australia—more shame on them!) came from, they will be treated fairly by the justice system. They will not be tortured, they will not ‘disappear,’ their families will not be targeted and they will be able to protests again--- but not with violence.
We should not cower down to rabble who turn our streets into thoroughfares of hate. Dig deep, my Australian friends. You are going to need a good deal of tolerance over the next few days. Show the world that which Australia holds true. Do not allow extremism in any form become accepted in your wonderful country.
PS.  The organization which produced the abhorrent film is culpable of hate crimes and should face the consequences of the law in the USA.

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