Saturday, September 15, 2012

I fear for freedom in Russia

Many Russians must feel let down since the fall of the Soviet Union. What began as a ‘new dawn’ with real hope for the future is gradually being eroded by Putin and his cohorts. The latest news that an anti-Putin Member of Parliament has been expelled (not sure if he is in prison yet) for his strong stand against Putin.
Sure, Mr Putin has expressed his desire that Pussy Riot has had enough time in prison, but that is just a cynical manipulation of his powers. I think what Putin wants, Putin gets.
Oh well, get used to it my Russian readers. It won’t be long before until the new State will impose censorship on what you can read what you wish----goodbye my blog.
Take action before it is too late. Remember what happened in Germany in the 1930’s? The German people allowed a despot to rule them with unlimited powers. Surely you have suffered enough from dictators, both internally and from outside. Beware the return of Stalanism, or is that what you actuallly want?

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