Saturday, September 15, 2012

PERDY'S BLOG--yes I kin tipe--what r ya!

Today Neel took me down to the bay. The tide wis rite in--yu no---depp and wet. He chucked the ball with vat frower thingy he uses (cause he carnt thow for --u no wat I meann.) Damn--this trypoing is hard wen u have pors like mine eh..
anyways, i had him forwing dat ball for ghaes and wen he got ready to go home i knew wat to do.He tried to feed me, but hey i woood raver run and play and cahes va over dogs. Sum of dem finki they are big and strong--well they dont no nutjhing biout jack russles. I let them fink that i was scared of them, den i run uinderneath them and bitge thieer fiorn feet---hehhehehehe they falllover and i run lkike f----ooops i neal;ry jused dat word neel sometimes uses.
Back to neel triiiiiiinnnnnnngh to get me in the xcar--- no way. Hheheh-- after an hour he had dat look that say'I'd like to smack yu but i cant with all dese peolple aropund---not that he does that-- he loves me. So i ket avoiding him--iod get close and  by the time he had bemnt down ot catch me, I was away chasing other doggs.
Eventually i felt sory for him and i let him cacth me---aftwer all---i have to let him thrkn k hes boss---yeah right!

my tyopings improving---eh mate

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