Saturday, August 11, 2012

Don't get sick if you own a Jack Russell!

I have an unfortunate capacity to ignore ‘instruction manuals, and even after all these years, I tend to unwrap and look for the turn-on switch and hope. The days when that was possible (if it really ever existed) have long gone. I could tell numerous stories where I made ‘unusual connections with ‘interesting results and I guess, time and experience has taught a few lesson.’
The same propensity to ignore manuals and various other forms of advice has come back to haunt me with my dear Jack Russell, Perdy. For the last 4 days I have been laid low by a nasty cold/virus, God knows what, and my ability to take her out for her manic runs in the park have been indeed limited. My one attempt yesterday was enough to stick me back in bed for the day.
What ensued of course is this ‘pent-up little spring’ creating merry hell around the house. The cat, Jasmine, looks at me with pleading eyes as if to say, ‘What have I done to deserve this?’ as she puts up with yet another attempt by Perdy to entice her into a game of chase. ‘Doesn’t that bitch know I DON’T DO CHASE?’ Jasmine adds.
Then there are the pillows. We have to hide them; if we want them to survive another day. At least she’s long grown out of chewing the computer cords and other electrical devices. I suppose if I take a balanced point of view, I have to admit she has improved. It’s not her fault that She’s imprisoned with me---I suspect she even knows I am not my normal self, judging by the extra-long looks she gives me.
When Perdy first appeared in my home, I thought (remember, I knew nothing about any dogs, never lone Jack Russells) ‘what a cute little puppy.’
I didn’t reach for the ‘instruction manual. My knowledge is ‘empirical,’ gained in the field as it were--- the hard way. She has wormed her way into our lives and it seems that no amount of torment, mischief and dog-down wilfulness would ever make me turn back the clock, but please let this damned virus thingy leave so that life can return to  a more controlled form of manicism! (Hell--- is that a word---?  But you know what I mean   --- it is now).

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