Saturday, August 11, 2012

Great Britain---your'e bloody legend!

Great Britain---you are wonderful. What a fabulous Games you have given us. You opened with class and you organized with true British aplomb. You did something else; you made everyone welcome and that I am sure made the special difference for New Zealand’s sportsmen and women to give of their best and then some.
It has been fantastic watching British athletes performing to new heights and to see the ordinary people out there, not in the stadiums, but in the pubs and cafes, bars and God knows where, getting behind their heroes. You have many more now and although we didn’t get anywhere near as many medals as you, we take pride in what we have achieved.
I hope that you can continue with the spirit you generated for these Games and transfer that to resolving some of the underlying issues that have been put aside for the last two week. On Tuesday morning, reality will set in and the realization will set in that the party is over. Dig deep my friends--- AND THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL TIME.

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