Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Paul Ryan's inclusion on Romney's ticket just a ploy?

I think that Paul Ryan’s inclusion on Romney’s ticket is an attempt to help deflect attention from Romney’s ‘foot and mouth’ disease. Mr conservative Ryan no doubt has appeal—hell he had Romney so excited that he even labelled his ‘running mate’ as the next president of the USA. Just extrapolate that over a few overseas conferences and you can see where that will get him.
Does this latest piece of news mean that the USA will move further towards the ‘right?’ What does it imply for USA Foreign Policy? I can hear the sabres rattling from way down here in the South Pacific.
Did I hear correctly when it was reported that Ryan wants to travel down the ‘privatisation’ road with pensions and health issues?  Gosh--- is not the USA ensconced in the money model enough already without giving even more money to the wealthy elite? Scary stuff USA. I just hope there are enough Liberal thinking people out there to turn the tide, or is the USA captivated by smooth baby faced politicians who spout nothing more than right wing populist failed policies. One thing is for sure--- the gap between rich and poor will widen and no amount of ‘good news’ from the Olympics will cover up the plight of so many ‘grassroots’ Americans.
Now we shall wait for the lies and yet damned more lies as ‘big money’ finances Romney and Ryan’s dreams for ‘greatness.’ R and R--- double jeopardy!

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