Wednesday, August 1, 2012

But How can I colour co-ordnate if dey dont let me----

I got my new blu registraun disk in the male tiday and I'm wissed off. They ddidunt let me know what color--they shud have eh cause i care what I looks like donwe at the bay-- Ilike my yellow one--now i hv to be noice to ZNeil so he gets me a blu colar. He wont buy me b,ling bling. I am a color and fashin conshus gilr---oh by the way--- Im also a lkitle dog so why cant ehy have litil disks (oopsm I nealrty got that wroing) for litle dogs like me
Dont yus piclk on my typing--- its bluddy hard with my paws.
so there u hav it

wooooooof wooof--- wers my dinner bnoss I(he thinks)

by Perdy -- 'Star of 'Talk To Me'

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