Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Charter Schools--I have tried to see the good---but

No one can accuse me of not trying to see the ‘good points’ in Charter schools. I did my best to look at the issue in a neutral manner, but in the face of research from here in NZ and from overseas studies, which nearly all say that at best, the charter schools experiment will do little or nothing to consistently raise standards and in many cases just acts as a diversion of assets that would be better placed in existing schools.
In light of this and surely the Government have read these reports--- why do they proceed? Is it that they just don’t want to know or is it a sign of sheer desperation, to delude the public into thinking that the Government ‘knows what it is doing.’
I say that the Government is trying to placate its mates in the private sector or at the very least attempting to take the limelight off real issues. That they are once again facing defeat in the ‘great debate’ around education is probably the driving factor for their stubborn and ignorant approach. Can they not accept the vast majority of ‘informed’ advice they no doubt receive from these sources and shove to the back burner?
In the meantime, state schools will receive dwindling funding support while the misinformed and stupid Government continues on this ‘no-exit’ road. Wake-up and see the possibilities if only you would listen!

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