Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Roskill is now availablle again!--order now

Finally---The new version of Roskill is available again, at firstly through me direct and then through my website, which should be up in the weekend---- 
Feel free to contact me on if you want to do it that way.
It has been a long haul, getting set up again, with more control via me. I have a great printer, (‘The Colour Guy’) in Wellington and excellent support from my website designers (Derek and Alex Allinson).  I only have to sort out a few more images and bits and pieces and the website will provide information about my books and blogs.
Now all I need is for the 25,000 hits to trans morph into solid orders and I can retrieve all the huge losses I made from my previous pathway to publishing.
Thanks for all the kind support I have received.
Watch out for:
re-launch of-----Coastal Yarns
                          new book----'Talk To Me'
and upcoming series-----'Sons Of Orpheus'


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