Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Utter chaos is Syria---stop the killing

It comes as no surprize that we are now hearing reports of possible executions committed by the opposition rebels in Syria. The citizens of Aleppo are virtually prisoners in their own city as the two forces fight to wrest control from the other. The rebels now have tanks while the Government forces use jets and other heavy artillery to force the rebels back.
It is clear where all this will end---yet more innocent civilians killed and maimed. It is clear also that what comes next will do Syria’s image little good. Neither side is willing to sit down and talk; trying to arrive at a ‘government of unity’ is something neither will consider.
Have the two sides arrived at a position where, they can no longer give in to the other because they fear the reprisals that may occur once the step away. We have seen it before in so many countries.  I have no respect for the incumbent regime, but the unknown forces behind the rebel cause do not leave me feeling any confidence in what is about to follow.
Unless the UN steps in (and that means China and Russia too) then Syria faces a sad and terrible short term future. In the end, only Syrians can decide the form and makeup of their government, but in the meantime they need ‘launching-pad’ to achieve this. History tells us that in this region, that is nigh on impossible.

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