Friday, July 6, 2012

You may call this 'Fat bugger 10--or 11 if you wish

Try this lasagne. You can add or subtract the calories as you wish.
Brown some onions (I used two) in a pan and then add about 500 grams of minced beef (Chicken, pork or lamb work well too or why not chuck them all in?)
Add some garlic (as little or as much--- you get the picture).
Now pout in a can of pasta sauce (use the cheap ones) some tomato puree and a small can of tomato concentrate (paste). This sounds like a lot of tomato product--- that’s cool, because it is very good for you and we are not adding heaps of calories (Yet!)
Shake in about two teaspoons of dried mixed herbs (use fresh if you have them) and a bay leaf. Be careful with the salt because now you can add some cooked or uncooked streaky bacon—I used a rather lot). Remember it has a good deal of salt. Grind in quite a lot of cracked pepper and if you wish---- some paprika--- the smokey sort. None of this is essential—just experiment.
Once it is all bubbling gently, pour in as much of the bottle of red wine that you don’t drink while you are standing over the stove admiring and tasting your creation. Don’t get too pissed while you are surveying your sauce!
Now in the bottom of a humongous aluminium roasting dish (I use them because they are ‘throw away’--- less washing up) that you have lined with baking paper, make a layer of cooked spinach and mushroom--- if you want to nod at being healthy.
Build up the layers now--- place the first layer of lasagne sheets (You can even get gluten free ones now—so you lot won’t miss out eh!). Then add a generous layer of sauce. I just had two layers of the sheets but you can have more if you wish.
Finally, put the remaining layer of sauce on the top and sprinkle lots of grated tasty cheese on that.
 Cook it in an oven at about 180c until the top is bubbling, then turn it right down to 160 with a layer of tin foil on the top to make sure the cheese doesn’t burn.
Serve with my potato wedges (see previous blogs) and a salad and of course--- more red wine. I had apple crumble with ginger topping for desert.
This recipe would feed a large family or about 7 hungry people with leftovers. Make it as big or as little as you wish. Have fun

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