Friday, July 6, 2012

RT (Russian TV) Mmmm---- Interesting and honest?

A few days ago I wrote a blog about Russian TV (RT) and then another one on Anwar Ibrahim (the Malaysian Leader of the Opposition) being interviewed  by Julian Assange. That interview was on RT and I was mightily impressed. Since then I have taken a few other programmes on RT and I have found it to be refreshing.
This may sound hypocritical of me given my criticism of the way Russia is ‘rewriting their history under the banner of ‘Positive’ History.’ It seems that there can be two threads operating at the same time in that huge nation.
For many years we have been fed the views of BBC, CNN, Fox (God forbid) and our own TVNZ. After consuming these organizations’ viewpoints for so long one tends to assume that they represent the truth about the issue they report on. You could say that we are being ‘lulled’ into believing their every word. It would seem that the ‘world view as expressed by RT and perhaps Aljazeera, may represent a ‘voice’ that should be heard.
I am going to take the example of Julian Assange. He is being hounded and portrayed as the ‘evil wizard;’ dishonest and possibly criminal in his behaviours. With the latest announcement and release of more Wikileaks emails, this time about the USA’s intentions re GITMO, one does wonder at the actions of the USA Government. Does it not make you wonder at why so many Governments are becoming a little jittery about what the ‘leaks’ might reveal. Sometimes the ‘truth,’ is more than a little inconvenient.
Before you get carried away and think that I am turning into some sort of advocate for the Russian (Putin) Government or RT--- stop. I know that of it suits the purposes of the just mentioned person and organization, then of course they will court Julian. Why should they be any different to the ‘tried and true’ media outlets and politicians that we have lived with for all of our lives?
Maybe we should thank Julian and Wikileaks for their tweaking of the lies we have listened to and swallowed for so long. That he is being hunted speaks for itself. He is possibly speaking in a way that we are not used to---- in a balanced and truthful manner.
Hang in there Julian. Be careful though, because when it suits them--- even your new friends may turn on you.

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