Friday, July 6, 2012

Many years ago In Otara I used to-----

Yes, many years ago I used to be a teacher at Tangaroa College in Otara. Now some of those students are hitting 50 plus. Hehehe--- I bet you don’t like me reminding you of that. I was so young then and did all the dumb things young people (need to) do.
Now I see on Facebook that many of these wonderful students are spread all over the world: UK, Aussie and God knows where. I wonder how many are still back in Otara. I hope so, because so many of them have done really well and the kids there need good role models.
 My only complaint about these ‘kids’ is that they call me Mr Coleman or Sir, still. Hell--- a few call me Radar. How dare that usurper (Te Radar) take my name. Now--- do try to call me Neil---OK?
I love seeing what you are all doing with your families and grandkids.  I also know that some of you have had some hard times and hit some pretty hard rocks on the way. Life hasn’t dealt us all a bed of roses. What I admire about you all is the fantastic way you awhina one another with your love and support.
 I shall continue to watch and read about your exploits. I just wish the kids of today will work out as well as you did

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