Friday, July 6, 2012

The nicer side of people

Today down at the lagoon in Onehunga, I was treated to the ‘nicer’ side of humanity. When Perdy and I arrived for her run-about, we saw a gathering of about 10 people, all looking at a black object on the sand, just above the tide mark. I noticed that the dogs were all on leashes or being closely watched by their owners. I kept Perdy away by throwing her ball way out to the middle of the lagoon, forcing her to spend more of her energy and to keep her way from whatever the people were watching.
It was a seal and it seemed quite happy to observe the humans. It was probably quite young and would have swum through the gratings for the tunnel that runs under the motorway. Maybe its mum was on the other side waiting for it to return.
Everybody was discussing options and eventually I found out that someone had rung DOC (Department of Conservation) and that an officer was on his way. I did wonder what he could do, especially when the seal headed out into the middle of the lagoon and played in the water.
What struck me was the camaraderie amongst the humans and the fact that they cared enough to keep their dogs and anyone else away who might hurt it. One guy had been there, for 5 hours and he wasn’t going to give up.
I wish we could transfer this caring attitude to some of the other issues we face with our kids. Still----it’s wonderful to see this ‘caring for our animal friends.
Perdy--- she didn’t even notice. She was far too busy chasing her mates and defending her ball. I’ve seen a few of them floating out under the motorway. Maybe the seals out there can play with them.

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