Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A timely reminder that Big Brother is watching

I made matters worse by not opening the letter for three weeks. You know how it is; you throw mail into its designated place and then get to it when you’re ready. What--- you don’t do that? Am I alone in my disorganization of bills and other paraphernalia? OK, maybe I am just slack.
This one nearly bit me in the bum. When I opened the letter from the ‘Police Infringement Bureau, I nearly sh---- well not quite. It was for a relatively small amount ($80-  for going 12 kilometres per hour over the 50Kl limit.
 I immediately felt like a criminal, especially when I saw that I had gone over the date for payment to the police. My case was going to be passed over to the Justice Department! How could I let myself become a sought after criminal--- one who can’t leave the country because I owe her majesty money. My mind was in a cauldron-like state. Was I going to get awoken in the middle of the might and transported to the Colonial Barony of Mother England.
But I saw a number to ring and I did. A very nice lady, showing lots of patience told me that I needed to ring the Justice department. I did. Johnny spoke to me and he said that they allow another 28 days grace. Well, Grace was my Mum’s name so everything ended up OK. Johnny told me to post my cheque in and my name would be removed from the ‘ten most wanted list.’
Oh the relief. I shall travel at more responsible speeds from now on---- yeah right.

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