Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This is why I am going to be doing my own thing re my books from now on!

Before taking Perdy for a walk today I went into the Onehunga Library to get some books for the holidays. Yes, I still read real books. Kindle is just a convenient truth—lol.
While I was there I decided to ask how many of COASTAL YARNS and ROSKILL were in the system. I was surprised to see that 10 COASTAL YARNS were in different libraries and that’s just Auckland. There were also four of ROSKILL. I wasn’t surprised about ROSKILL as it went out of print (will be back soon with a few changes and a different cover). What I assume that the same may well apply for other libraries around NZ. I know that I also sold 10 to an Australian outfit and I received the full benefit. Not as lucky with the sales as done by my former publisher (now out of business under that name but resurrected under another). I have no idea how many COASTAL YARNS or ROSKILL were sold and I never received a report or any royalties.
One learns the hard way, so that is why I will have my new website up soon along with three books for sale. Actually, I am entertaining my website designer tonight. I am going to serve them a blast from the past. I shall make a lasagne that my doctor would ban me from eating. No worries--- he doesn’t read my blog. ---MMMM all that cheese and red wine plus--- well you will have to wait for the recipe.

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