Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim---Malaysia's great hope.

I had the privilege today to watch a very special interview of a man whom I consider is going to be a great Malaysian leader. That he was interviewed by Julian Assange was interesting and I watched all this on RT (Russian TV). I wonder if CNN would air this interview, but I very much doubt that Fox TV would.
I have only seen reports of both men that emanate from sources wishing to discredit them both. Good on you RT for stretching my understanding of both men. I was impressed by the sensitivity of Julian and uplifted by Anwar’s replies. They have a great deal in common and their connectedness was very apparent in the interview.
Anwar has been through a the political crap machine, ending up in prison because of spurious claims that he had indulged in sodomy, a very serious charge in this predominantly Muslim community. He even faced a second charge when he re-entered the political scene on his release from prison. It says much about the ‘Malaysian people’ of all ethnic groups that they did not believe the false charges against this courageous man. Despite having almost no access to State TV’s election coverage, he actually increased his majority in his parliamentary seat.
I had never heard this man speak before this interview. He came across as a man of vision, believing in a country that is united, despite its diversity. He wants to reach out to all nations, regardless of individual faith or politics. He could be a good friend of New Zealand.
What is stopping him is a Government hell-bent on maintaining power at all costs, including placing corrupt barriers to real democracy. Yes, Malaysia has come a long way on the years since independence, but to make the next step where it can claim to be a real democracy, it must open and share the means of communicating with the public so that Malaysia can truly be an Asian democracy. New Zealand has shed blood in the fights of the past for this proud nation. Now it is time for a free election; surely something we helped create the building blocks for, so many years ago.
Come on Malaysia--- be a torch of hope in your ‘Truly Asia.’

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