Wednesday, July 4, 2012

South Korea--I admired you so much but now-----

There is a great deal to admire about South Korea. It is a nation permanently on the edge of danger in that it faces the threat from its northern cousin on a daily basis. Korea has long suffered from being geographically placed between two other great nations and sometimes has endured the consequences.
Korea has a long proud history and culture. In more recent decades South Korea has shown the world how resilient and forward looking it is and has increased the standard of living for the vast majority of its citizens while its northern neighbour languishes in the doldrums of outdated and very dangerous military corruption.
I am a convert of most things Korean when it comes to cars, electronics and food. New Zealand has a bourgeoning trade relationship with South Korea and we also have a sizable Korean community living amongst us. They are excellent t citizens and contribute in every way to the social economic and cultural life of New Zealand.
Imagine my huge disappointment this morning when I read that South Korea is considering entering the abhorrent practice of re-entering the now discredited whaling industry. They are reported to be using the same clause that allows whales to be harvested for ‘research purposes,’ in the same way that Japan does.
What is so sad is that South Korea does not need to do this for ‘feeding its people.’ South Korea is a relatively rich nation and has an array of possibilities re meeting the gastronomic needs of its people. Indeed it buys from New Zealand and we in return are becoming loyal recipients of its industrial output.
South Korea will earn the ire of many New Zealanders and other countries if it embarks on this tragic road. I for one will reconsider my future purchases of Hyundai, Samsung and other products that at the moment I really enjoy. I have espoused the reliability of their cars and electronics for the last decade and I was looking forward to continuing this loyalty.
DON’T DO IT SOUTH KOREA! Leave these denizens of the oceans to recover their population and maintain their place as the majestic beast we all know and love.

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