Monday, August 22, 2016

The 'old guy' on the Coast!

   Walking Perdy along Tararu beach today, with the suggestion of waves gently lapping the high tide mark, was pure delight. Spring was massing my senses and the sun was dancing on the tiny particles of the quartz-like rocks, that so generously display themselves on the sand. The usual vagabonds were dive-bombing us, thankfully missing with their slimy offerings, so all was well. Perdy, for the most part, ignored them. She has learned that she cannot fly, although should they alight for more than a moment and she be lucky enough to be 'off-leash,' I am sure that bedlam would result!

   I had a more defined task in mind this morning: I was not going to be collecting rocks in my usual haphazard manner---NO---I had a theme; colours were the order of the day; today's target?----the reds! I am not sure yet which rocks exhibit that hue---possibly the jaspers that travel down the streams and rivers on the Coast, and then cast themselves upon the shores. in fragments, awaiting my polishing and tumbling devices.

   Perdy and I had been doing quite well, genuinely attempting to limiting our 'collection,' to the required group. Whether Perdy is actually helping me, is perhaps a moot point, but as I believe in 'choice theory'----well---you know where I'm going. It was at this point on our walk that we were joined by a very 'knowledgeable' person.

   He took a shine to Perdy and believe me---the 'shining' was mutual. If Perdy could have kissed him with the full French version, she would have. She just 'liked' him. He informed me that he had owned (Well--I'm not sure if owing describes a relationship with a Jack Russell, correctly!) a Foxie and he didn't even mind being corrected as to Perdy's actual breed. He informed us that the Foxie he had was in his youth over 80 years ago! OMG----how old was this dude, I thought!!! You guessed it---over 90.

    We talked for quite awhile and Perdy even behaved for a change. That link between them was well and truly]y established, it seemed. 'Ashley was a 'wealth of information,' telling us 'stuff that will remain a secret as to when and how to collect some of the items I so love to collect. That information is for 'locals,' only, he said. Damn I felt good. I am looking forward to 'hearing' many tales from Ashley in the future. His parting gesture?---Ashley bent down and pretended to slip Perdy off the lead. He wanted to take Perdy home with him. He won't need to---Perdy will meet him again, probably daily, because I believe Ashley and others at the village, 'look out' for her as she has her walks. Such is a typical morning on the Coast---well---it's only 9am! The day has hardly started!.


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