Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Romania--you are tops for the last month---WHY?

I am fascinated by the number of hits on my blog from Romania in the last month. Indeed they are virtually tops! I do hope you are actually reading my posts and downloading my books, ROSKILL and Talk To Me.' Now that I know you are 'supporting my bog,' please send me some feedback. I thrive on the interactions from my readers, listening to their suggestions and opinions. I need them in order to target my blogs and to publicise my books. Being self-published is a hard road, one that does not bring in good financial returns. Some would say the journey is a dark pit of broken dreams, but I keep at it. I have other books but will not be publishing them, unless sales hit a peak, much higher than that achieved so far. In the men a time---thanks Romania. get back to me.

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