Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's a 'free-power day,' on the Coast, today!

   I suspect that opening would have read by friends on the 'Coast' with a sense of--'hey---really---for me too?' Sorry---one has to be with a certain company to achieve that status and this is the first one (I think,) for the year, for me.

   So how does this work? Well---one gets to chose a day whereby all power use is free for the day. I went online and chose today as my special 'power-free day!' Yesterday I had it confirmed and I was invited to be 'creative' about how I spent my free day! Wow---do I open up a front lawn cafe for the day, offering laundry facilities and car cleaning services as a side? Whilst walking Perdy along the beach collecting stones and Kauri Gum, I made some decisions, some bordering on the ----crazy!

   OK---ALL washing, for clothes, blankets, dogs, neighbours' cats, dusty plants,----anything can can fit in the washer and dryer will be WASHED and DRIED!
   Anything that can be charged will be charged. Bugger---wheres the elctric cycle and car when ya need it?
   If the temperature does not rise above 15C, then the heater (not the fire) will be used.
   Cooking will be done, but we don't feel like it so---WTF!
   The tumbler, processing the rocks I collect---daily, will stay on without me feeling guilty and I wish    I had the bigger new one that I have ordered from the USA was in action.
   No doubt the vacuuming will be done, but as I exempt from such duties, due to there being an          issue with the 'quality of my efforts'---well, I shall leave that to a better set of hands!
   Long showers will be taken---right to the point of running out the hot water, but not to the extent that dishes cannot be washed! (Another exemption in place---it's complicated!)
   I do not have an electric lawnmower, but i will plug in the battery that starts it!
   If the sun disappears, then the lights will go on!
   I may let Perdy play with the garage door opener--she loves to see it go up and down and then pretends to be frightened.
   We shall leave the TV on all day and play the radio in the kitchen, even if no one is in there.

If we actually 'do any of the above, I wonder if the bill will be that much more---we shall let you know. Now---the 6th load of washing and drying is about to begin!

Thank you Mercury!!!!!!!

PS---Other suggestions welcomed.

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