Thursday, December 31, 2015

Russia is the most 'numeric' reader of my blogs today----here's ten other activities, my Russian friends!

I love it that so many readers (or is it just one who can't get enough of my blogs?!) in Russia are hitting my blogs. If you become a little 'underwhelmed' by the said blogs, here are some alternate activities for you! 1) Make a calendar of yourself to compete with Mr Putin's. 2) Walk through Red Square dressed as a transgender Isla----oops! 3)Listen to some wonderful Russian Music and dance in the above square. 4)Find out where the New Zealand Embassy is situated and preform a Haka outside with a friend holding a sign asking for instructions on how to actually do it right! 5) Set off some fireworks and run like feck, because you may get arrested! 6) Read one of my blogs----oops that defeats the purpose of this blog! 8) Learn how to count, because you didn't realize I had missed out 7. 7) Got around the right way now, so have a drink, whilst wishing me a Happy New Year! 9) Make plans to have a holiday in New Zealand. Bring me some caviar or has that ocean, the Aral Sea, all but GONE?! 10) Go check out my website and download Roskill, my book that some of you have read! 11) Paint a picture of Obama and cut it out, make a mask, then demand a limousine to drive you around for the day! 12) Have another vodka, like a friend of mine regularly does---oops---- again! 13) Send a post-card to a friend in Ukraine. 14) I just realized that I cannot count to ten!!!!! WTF!!!! 15)ABOVE ALL---Happy New Year Russia and do not take me too seriously because life should be for smiling--even when we don't feel like it! 18) Please ask Mr Putin to invite me to come to Russia so that I can better 'understand' him, He does not always get fair press in the media. It's OK---I will not wear my tiara! 23) Donald Trump sends his love---or something.

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